Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time Does Fly...

It actually sprouts wings and takes off at a fast glide!  It really has been a busy time.  I've been watching grandchildren, making cards, designing name tags and trying to get my office rearranged and organized.  Life is good but I think I'll treat myself to a mini-vacation at the end of the month to celebrate my birthday.  I just have to decide where it is I want to go.

Last Saturday was the monthly meeting of our church group.  We are know as the "Seasoned Sisters" since we are the 50 and older crowd.  I had volunteered to make name tags for us and was reminded of that on the Thursday before.  Oops!  I had forgotten and needed to come up with something fast!  What I designed is shown below.  I decided to make 'real' name badges so we can use them over and over.  It also allows me to change out the name card when I get the urge.  Besides, I'm one of those people who does not like to have a sticky name tag slapped on my good blouses.  Sometimes it can do more harm than good.  Okay, my little pet peeve of the day.  Now on to the name badge preview.

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