Monday, August 13, 2012

Read All About It

The llama hop is over.  My house is full of wild Indians.  It's been a make green monkeys and orange lions kind of day around here.  My seven year old and five year old grandsons are spending the night with me and we have been busy doing some crafty things they brought with them.  Please don't ask about the key chains that are suppose to look like dogs.  They are the saddest looking things I've ever seen.  Zac informed me that when Mom helped them make the last ones, they actually looked like the pictures.  When I asked him if she had helped him a lot, he said yes.  Grandma let them follow the picture for themselves.  It was a learning experience.  :-)

I've been trying to make up some new cards for an upcoming Birthday Extravaganza I'm planning.  It isn't easy when I'm having to glue tails on the dogs.  Since they will be here through all of tomorrow, it looks like I won't get a lot done of my own.

No complaints here.  I love spending the time with my grandchildren.

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