Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Birthday Necklace

Sunday was my birthday and each year my mother and I used to do something special together.  She always had some little thing just for me and since she has been gone, I've missed that.  But, the first year she was not here to celebrate my birthday with me, I did something special just for me and kept that little tradition alive all on my own.  I always reciprocated back to her on her birthday, too.

This year I made this cute little necklace.  It uses a bottle cap, a charm, an insert and a chain.  Once the insert is punch to fit inside the bottle cap, UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) was added to cover the insert.  Then, it was placed in The Ranger Melting Pot and the embossing enamel melted into a clear layer on the insert.  You punch a hole, add the charm and chain and your necklace is complete.  I love that melting pot and can envision many cools thing being made.

The back of the bottle cap has a vintage look to it and matches the chain as does the lettering.  Given the fact that I'm a year older explains the insert I selected.  I love it and plan to make some for gifts to friends and family.

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