Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Work in Progress

You may or may not know that I like to work with wallpaper.  I cover journals with it as well as use it for backgrounds and even cut out letters and images to turn into wall hangings or framed pieces.  A few months ago, a friend found a whole box of wallpaper and gave it to me.  It had several rolls of a white embossed paper that is called paintable wallpaper.  My eyes lit up at that one.  I've been working on a wall hanging for Autumn in my spare time.  It has kind of taken a back seat lately but I did get the bow made for it.

When I was going through my box of ribbon, I came across this beautiful wired edge ribbon that shows off some gorgeous Fall colors.  The bow you see below is what I have so far.  I'm sure it won't look like this on the finished project but I wanted to show you the pretty ribbon.  In the background you will see the wallpaper I mentioned.  My next step is to paint it, now that I have my all the paints I want to use.  I can't wait to see how the paint and paper like each other.

Aren't those colors beautiful.  Autumn is the only time I really use a lot of oranges and browns.  It definitely takes me away from my normal palette of blues.

Until next time. . .happy creating!

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