Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Miss Ginger

Today I thought I'd share something a bit different with you.  Every once in a while I start thinking about getting another pet then see pictures of the last little critter who touched my life and I'm not sure I can do it again.  Unfortunately, I had to part with her, due to circumstances beyond my control, and leave her behind with a new family when I left Dallas.

Ginger was five pounds of attitude but such a good little girl.  She was a litter box trained Chihuahua, sweet, loving and so much fun.  She was quite the character.  She loved her 'good girl' biscuits, which was her treat for using her litter box.  She never missed!

Here is one of her favorite places to take a nap.  I had just walked in the door from work and she opened her eyes but otherwise didn't budge.  She did love her sleep time.

Until we meet again...

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