Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aiden's Art

My three year old grandson, Aiden, is always wanting to sit on my lap when I am crafting.  Because he is such a little wiggle worm, I've not been able to let him do that.  The one time I did, I had to cover up many mistakes to my project.  So, this morning we shut off the TV, turned on the Oldies (he doesn't care just so long as it's music) and I turned him loose.  He had all the fun and made very little mess.  I was so proud of my little man.

We made a canvas for Mom and Dad out of left over punch outs and some of my acrylic paints.  He picked all the colors and put things where he wanted them.  Grandma is already thinking ahead to our next project.  As much as I don't like finger paints, I know he would have a ball with them.  Sigh... the things we do for our grandchildren!

Everything used is Stampin' Up!® product except the canvas and the acrylic paints.  The Rhinestone Basic Jewels were colored with permanent marker.

He did the printing with a wee bit of help from Grandma, of course.  He loved the paint brush!  If I would have let him, he would have covered everything with paint.  He is so excited about giving this to his parents. 


  1. What a beautiful piece of art. If I was Aiden's mom and dad I'd put it up and it would never be coming down. Heck...I'm not related and I'd put it up and keep it there. LOL. I love kid art. You are a wonderful Grandma to encourage his creativity.

    1. Aiden's mom, Michelle, plans to hang it some where. Aiden suggested in their bedroom. :-) He did a good job, too. I had more paint on me then he did.