Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Guys are the Best!

I have been blessed with such wonderful sons!  I have needed new tires on my car for months now but not having worked for so long, it just wasn't something that fit my budget.  My thoughtful and generous boys gifted me with new tires on Sunday.  They knew I was starting a new job Monday and knew that my tires were not safe to being driving such a distance on a regular basis.  While at my youngest son's getting the tires put on, it started to snow and soon turned into a nasty driving situation.  Once the tires were on, I headed for home, about a ten mile drive, and due to tires with tread made it home without a problem.  The old tires had no tread, no traction and I'd slip and slide all over just trying to drive a straight road.  It was not fun.  So, now I"m good to go with good tires.  Like I said my guys are the best! To pay tribute to them here is a scrapbook page I did using My Digital Studio.

Handsome, aren't they?  I sure do love them.


  1. I just chanced upon your website Marsha - how talented you are and fabulous of you to share your creativity and wisdom with us. I have 4 boys but they are all young, unlike your grown men :-) I am a SU demo in little New Zealand and love using SU products to minister, to encourage and to inspire women and children to create and foster creativity.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I have been an SU demo for over two years but had to resign this month due to a job I took. My employer considers it a conflict of interest for me to remain a demo. My last day will be tomorrow. I will miss it.